Brittany ramos debarros

Position Sought

U.S. Congress New York 11th District


New York

Date of Primary Election


Date of General Election

November 8, 2022

"I have seen the MoveOn community stand up for what is just versus what is politically expedient. I personally experienced this when I joined with MoveOn and other movement organizations to say “no war with Iran” after Trump’s horrifying and reckless assassination of a foreign official. Supporting my campaign is an opportunity to boldly signal a commitment to progressive values and to build the political power it will take to advance them."

U.S. Congress New York 11th District

Brittany Ramos DeBarros is a combat veteran and progressive organizer who understands how powerful we are when we come together. Brittany is only one of the progressive leaders who are stepping up early to build a people-powered movement to defeat extreme Republicans, such as incumbent Nicole Malliotakis. The DeBarros campaign is making an early investment in organizing the community to flip this critical district and elect another progressive leader to Congress in 2022.