Tim ryan

Position Sought

U.S. Senate Ohio

Current Position

U.S. Senator



Date of Primary Election

May 3, 2022

Date of General Election

November 8, 2022

"I believe that this should be a country where everybody, no matter where they’re from, has access to a free quality education. I believe that we can live in a society where everybody can have a little bit of money in their pocket, and nobody is working just to survive. I believe that unions should have the power to guarantee workers a fair share of the wealth they create. I know we need to make sure that seniors can retire and live in dignity and be rewarded for the sacrifices they’ve made. I want Kentucky to be a place where veterans can come home and know that they’ll have a good job waiting for them, and a good doctor too. It’s time to stand up for working people and transform our political system so it invests in all of us through public education, healthcare, and more. It’s time to believe again."