john hickenlooper

Position Sought

U.S. Senate Colorado



Date of General Election

November 3, 2020

U.S. Senate Colorado

John Hickenlooper is running on the Democratic ticket for U.S. Senate in Colorado. Throughout his career, he has worked to bring about concrete progressive change. Ten years before Ferguson, Governor Hickenlooper implemented major criminal justice reforms, including requiring all officers to go through de-escalation training and making it easier to discipline police officers who cross the line. Before the Trump administration’s draconian attacks on the immigrant community, Governor Hickenlooper signed historic legislation granting tuition assistance to undocumented students and initiated one of the country’s first driver’s license programs for immigrants. His opponent, incumbent Senator Cory Gardner, has been a loyal supporter of Donald Trump and refuses to criticize the president’s disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic and his attempts to sow division among Americans.

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